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Passion for creating exclusive objects of desire

Crearte, the story of a craft, values, and expertise. The skill of its artisans, all experts in the field of upholstery, allows them to personalize each product and finish them with the highest level of detail. Their passion for creating exclusive, high-quality objects of desire leads them to seek only the best sustainable materials and natural fabrics for exceptional finishes.

Each of Crearte’s creations is entirely handmade, pure craftsmanship. They customize quality furniture adapted to each space.

The company is characterized by its high-end sofas, chairs, and armchairs.

Business description:

Girona had never been known for furniture, but rather for tanneries and leather, and Banyoles was a benchmark in this field. In the early 1970s, one of the city’s most important tanneries conceived a very ambitious project: to manufacture upholstered furniture with its own products. After an extensive search, the company managed to gather a group of craftsmen from across the country and sent them to England to learn the secrets of the trade. In Madrid, the person in charge of showing you the entire range of products is Carlos Conde.

Manufacturing upholstered furniture with its own product where design, quality, and innovation are part of the daily routine.


Crearte Collections, Luxury Furniture · Nuevas Galerias

Crearte was founded over 40 years ago by master upholsterers. Specialized in English furniture upholstered in leather, Crearte has evolved over the years, with design and quality at the heart of all its creations. Crearte Collections is the answer to the passage of new generations, who have maintained the same roots without moving from the area. A young, dynamic company, where design and innovation are part of the daily routine, and where each challenge is transformed into a solution. Crearte Collections excites with its proposals, its design, and its quality while adding value to the space they are destined for.

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