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Carlos Cuesta and Alejandro Martínez

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Romantic and bohemian style

Visitors inevitably breathe in the romantic and bohemian atmosphere when encountering the treasures collected and curated by Carlos and Alejandro. Le Bélier has created a space where they materialize the delicate balance between decoration and antique dealing, akin to the antique shops in Italy with various decorative arts from the 18th and 19th centuries..

They emphasize that they do not cultivate grandiosity or spectacular size in their pieces, describing themselves as “small treasure hunters.”

The collection at Le Bélier includes a cabinet of curiosities, highlighting their assortment of plaster casts and academic models. They distinguish their catalog as a reference in Madrid for this material, which was once found only in the old academies of Fine Arts.

Business description:

Le Bélier Antiques is located at Local 5 in the Nuevas Galerías of El Rastro in Madrid, specifically on Carnero Street. In French, the street is called ‘Le Bélier’; hence its name. Here we can discover side furniture, decorative objects, and antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries as part of an extensive catalog. Its original sculptures, paintings, miniature portraits, dishware… all with a romantic and bohemian style stand out, giving your home or business a unique style.

Its collection of plaster and terracotta molds and academic models is particularly noteworthy.


Le Bélier Antiques

Over the last few years, Le Bélier has become an essential stop for many regulars in the area at the Madrid Rastro. Carlos Cuesta, a Madrid specialist in collectible watches with an IT background,, and Alejandro Martínez, an Argentine dedicated to photography and heritage with a degree in movie filming from the University of Buenos Aires, knew that the headquarters of Le Bélier would be in El Rastro; which they consider as one of the reference places in Madrid for the world of antiques and decoration. At the same time, it is a space of social gathering, popular, where a very broad and varied audience coexists. Thus, in September 2019, their store specializing in decorative objects and side furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries was born.

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