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Your home linen, your way: Personalized and 100% tailored

From:BEA is a fabric manufacturer specializing in quality linen home textiles (tablecloths, placemats, napkins, etc.), bedding, bath linen, and home textiles in general. Due to its principles and way of doing things, From:BEA has grown exponentially. The fact of zero returns is proof of its success based on three key points:


  • 100% handmade: a sophisticated and unique product handcrafted for you in Spain without industrial processes.
  • High durability: thanks to its long life, use our products as much as your grandmother’s tablecloths and sheets.
  • Record manufacturing: get your personalized handmade product within a maximum of 15 days without sacrificing any quality.

Business description:

The story of from:BEA goes back to the tradition in her grandmother’s and then her mother’s house of setting huge tables with attention to every detail. Because these homes were always open with guests to care for. In her profession as an interior designer, she always sought to personalize home linen, especially of the best quality. This tradition and her journey through interior design make up the brand of from:BEA today.

A tradition adapted with modernity and craftsmanship.



Bea decided to set up her own workshop, and after dedicating much time to researching natural fabrics, particularly linen, which is a living fabric, she was able to create her own production system. She chose this fabric, linen, because apart from dressing well and adding warmth to the environment, its production is the least polluting and is completely biodegradable.

This young entrepreneur from Madrid, based in Barcelona, has succeeded in the Catalan capital and online. Now she wants to make a name for herself in her native Madrid from the Nuevas Galerias of El Rastro.

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