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Art, furniture, decoration, and unique and eternal designs.

FS Experience arises from an exercise of introspection, of intimate reflection, with the purpose of continuing to offer an improved version of itself. A necessary change in which all kinds of emotions are expressed in a unique experience, without limits or fears.

A unique, different place, open to imagination and the human capacity to create art and enjoy the soul of each work.

Some of the creations and products of FS Experience tell the story of the passage of time, of other lives lived, and we offer them so that these stories continue. In others of the products and creations of artists, they are generated following traditional techniques and natural or recycled raw materials, handmade in non-industrialized processes, thus obtaining a unique product with soul so that the story begins here and now while we play imagining how it will continue.

Business description:

Francisco Segarra, originally from Castellón de la Plana, is the creator of FS Experience. He is a designer with an immense artistic vocation. His professional career began with designing watches brought from Switzerland, which the artist painted under the influence of painter Wassily Kandinsky. Shortly after, he opened his first real estate firm, making a strong entrance into the construction of lofts and their furnishing. A time of great achievements that marked the beginning of his deep passion for furniture. His first collections were minimalist in nature until he discovered the vintage aesthetic, which made him a pioneer in the sector. A furniture and decoration brand known for its peculiar aesthetics, reflected in his major interior design projects. Today, he returns to his roots, offering a new vision of art under a concept that honors the beauty of craftsmanship through painting or sculpture. Further proof that his passion for design is innate in him and that he will never stop creating and generating dreams.

Timeless, global, and infinite art.


FS Experience

A space to share the experience of creating, experimenting, and enjoying art, taking it beyond mere contemplation, always seeking its everyday usability. Here we find works of art, antiques, furniture, and craftsmanship from different cultures, from different parts of the world and periods.

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