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The child who gazes with luminous exaltation

According to the poet Sabas Martin:

“Raúl Hernández has ‘unlearned’ how to paint in order to seek that original gaze that recreates reality from another vision where innocence and naivety converge.


To make it possible, he has searched for the child that lives within him and, from that identity, with that innocent and naive gaze, and thus, just as he sees them, he portrays them on his canvases. A gaze filled with the luminous and multiple exaltation of colors, crowded with utensils and implements that compose harmonies and asymmetries, balances and discrepancies, plenitudes and voids… It is, in short, that ‘awkwardness’ that Picasso missed to achieve the authenticity of one who paints as if doing so for the first time and, alongside it, humor, subtle, subterranean. Clean humor is one of the attributes of innocence. Come in and see.

The door is open. Let us be children again.”

Business description:

Raul Hernandez es un is a contemporary art painter originally from La Gomera, though born in Melilla. Throughout his extensive career, he has held numerous solo and group exhibitions from 1973 to 1990. He currently lives in Madrid and owns an art gallery at the Nuevas Galerias of El Rastro, where he sells graphic work from other authors and his own.

An explosion of color in feelings, emotions, and thoughts in complete constructivist abstraction.


Raul Hernandez

For Raul, drawing from life daily is merely a practice exercise for his painting. His brushwork is gestural and suggestive. In it, one can discover the light, the color, the explosion of his feelings, emotions, and thoughts in complete constructivist abstraction. In his works, it is possible to identify references to post-war American avant-garde artists, German war painting; conceptual references to Cesar Manrique, Braque, Paul Klee, Basquiat, or other contemporary artists like Joaquin Bottcher.

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