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Emerging contemporary art in Madrid

Located in the heart of Nuevas Galerias of El Rastro in Madrid, VANMAR contemporary is a meeting point for art lovers and a beacon for emerging artists. Here, in this space full of inspiration and creativity, we celebrate diversity and innovation in contemporary art.

Specialized in contemporary painting and sculpture.

From canvases that capture emotions in bursts of color to sculptures that challenge our perception of space and form, each work is a unique story, a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Their commitment is to art that speaks, that moves, that challenges. It is a commitment to art that reflects the complexity and beauty of the contemporary world.

Business description:

The founders share a vision: to illuminate the work of emerging artists and provide them with a platform where their art is not only seen but also felt and experienced.

Where art is felt and experienced.


VANMAR contemporary

Founded by Alexandre and Angel, two art enthusiasts with a keen eye for discovering talent and beauty, VANMAR contemporary has become a home for the freshest and boldest expressions of contemporary art.

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