Decorar con arte y antiguedades francesas del siglo XIX y XX

Decorar con arte y antiguedades francesas del siglo XIX y XX

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The sophistication of classic and French style in your own home by decorating with antiques from the early last century.

Eternal classic decoration with a foundation of art and antiques.

The original decoration of the early decades of the last century continues to arouse great interest among design enthusiasts. The reason for this interest is that the furniture of this era conveys sophistication and a safe bet among current decorative trends. The balance between antiquity and modernity is in vogue through a warm and cozy decoration with antique pieces, such as a 1950s bar cabinet, alabaster sconces, or the panels of a screen, and contemporary designs.

Where does classic decoration come from?

This decoration originated from the nobility in France in the 17th century. It was made with materials of exceptional quality and soon spread throughout Europe, becoming one of the dominant styles of the time. Over time, each country adapted it in its own way. While in France, interior design was based on spaces full of splendor and light, in England, classicism was characterized by rationalism and rigor.

Today, many people can opt for this decoration at a lower cost through direct platforms such as the Nuevas Galerías del Rastro in Madrid, as the keys to this decoration lie in having good raw materials.

The sophistication of classic and French style in your own home.

How to decorate in classic and French style?

In this style, it is key to have a lot of space, as the size of classicist furniture and accessories tends to be notably large. It is about high-quality noble wood furniture made of oak, cherry, or mahogany. Another key is harmony and symmetry. You should try to keep everything united and aligned. Without random structures. Remember that a classic style maintains order through tradition and embellishment.

Elegance, warmth, sophistication, symmetry, and traditionalism.

There are many elements that decorate a room in the classic style. Especially noteworthy are the ornate details, arches, stuccoes, or columns, as well as lush canvases and mirrors. In terms of lighting, chandeliers or stone lamps can be an option. Walls are usually covered with interesting wallpapers, parquet or marble floors, while ceilings are often decorated with stucco moldings.

Regarding the background, white and cream tones are usually used, as well as olive, beige, light green, and gold. To contrast with the walls, sand colors and the pastel palette are preferred in upholstery.

Where to acquire 19th and 20th-century French antiques in Madrid?

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