Deconstructed Sofa and Armchair: the 2024 Seating Trend

Deconstructed Sofa and Armchair: the 2024 Seating Trend

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Get a modern, fresh, and avant-garde touch for your living room with a deconstructed sofa or seat, while ensuring great comfort.

The seating trend for 2024

A good sofa should be comfortable above all else, but it should also consider design, fashion, and, most importantly, adapt to the available space, addressing the needs of each place.

Since it’s usually a significant investment and meant to last for almost a lifetime, we recommend choosing one that matches your ideal design; something distinctive, of high quality, and that you genuinely like.

If you’re thinking about renovating your sofa, find out that for 2024, deconstructed pieces are in vogue. There are models to suit all tastes and styles.

What is a deconstructed armchair or sofa?

A deconstructed piece is essentially a piece that has been taken apart to give it a new structure. Its origin lies in philosophy, where elements had to be taken apart separately for analysis, and then reconstructed based on an understanding of the conceptual structure.

Deconstruction as a way of knowing.

In 2024 fashion and design, deconstruction as the origin of new designs is very current. Playing with various silhouettes and also with functionality is part of the art of design. While there is the construction of seats, there is also deconstruction.

In the end, a sofa is a universe in itself, offered as a blank canvas for the boldest designers to challenge aesthetic norms and clichés. Some take a futuristic approach, while others focus on essential and utilitarian aspects. We seek timeless sofas that never go out of style but always provide quality and design.

An asteroid turned into a seat

We take the opportunity to discuss deconstructed seats and introduce the revolutionary Drift model by designer Fernando Mastrangelo. It offers a powerful proposal that invites us to share our opinions. It’s a faceted body sofa handcrafted with a dyed sand compound. Its comfortable XXL cushion, made in one piece, features a Chesterfield finish and is upholstered in silk velvet.

A sofa with pictorial abstraction and naturalism.

A timeless leather Chesterfield

From the Rastro’s Nuevas Galerias, we recommend the Chesterfield Essence sofa by Crearte Collections. It’s an upholstered sofa where the company surprises us with its artisanal manufacturing under classic design patterns, offering an exquisite and personalized finish.

The sophistication of English pubs merges with decadent style to create a piece of unique elegance.

The vintage style upholstery with capitonné, combined with the character of aged wood, results in a perfect blend to make it the true king of our living room.

Where to acquire deconstructed seats in Madrid?

From the Rastro’s Nuevas Galerias, we recommend that you visit all our antique specialists in their galleries, where you can find deconstructed pieces of ‘new work’ and with a ‘second life’ filled with creativity. More information at


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