The Birthplace of Antique Dealers in Madrid

The Birthplace of Antique Dealers in Madrid

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The best antique dealers in Madrid have been located in the legendary Madrilean Rastro for over 75 years.

The Rastro is the birthplace of antique dealers in the Spanish capital

The best antique dealers in Madrid have been located in the legendary Madrilean Rastro for over 75 years, along the Ribera de Curtidores. For the most discerning tastes, antique dealers and the most coveted objects have evolved, and we can find much more specific treasures and higher quality in the spaces run by dealers in the Galerías Piquer and the Nuevas Galerias of the Rastro in Madrid.

f you are a collector or a lover of antique, retro, and vintage pieces, do not hesitate to visit these commercial squares.

Antiques and Treasure Shops

Browsing the new Rastro, you will find traditional antique shops, sculpture shops, painting shops, engravings, African, Oriental, Indian art, art deco shops, vintage furniture, and more.

Galleries in popular culture

Galleries had a significant impact on the media and appeared in the NODO films of the 1950s in Spanish culture. Artists of the time frequented them, as did writers and other influencers of those years who made them known in the media.

The Nuevas Galerias, along with the Piquer Galleries just opposite, are one of the most interesting and curious corners of El Rastro in Madrid, and a great example of the so-called ‘new Rastro,’ known for its high-end antique shops, collectibles, and design objects. Among the shops, you can find authentic handwoven Berber carpets, trendy bags and backpacks, recycled vintage furniture, and several antique shops specializing in everything from historical paintings to porcelain dolls.

Material for treasure hunters

Highlighting a range of quality original products from different eras and artistic origins. The next time you’re at El Rastro, I recommend exploring them: it’s a break from the tourist crowds and cheap junk on Ribera de Curtidores, and who knows… you might just find a treasure there!

Tips for buying and selling antiques

If you are interested in buying or selling antiques, here are some tips to consider:

  • Research: Before buying or selling an antique, it’s essential to research and get to know the object well, its origin, authenticity, and value. You can find information in books, online, or consult with an expert in the field.

  • Look in specialized places: To find antiques, it’s recommended to look in specialized places such as antique shops, flea markets, auctions, fairs, and conventions. In these places, you are more likely to find authentic pieces with value.

  • Evaluate the object’s condition: It’s important to assess the condition of the object before buying or selling it to determine if it needs restoration or if it has any defects that could affect its value.

  • Negotiate: In the buying and selling of antiques, it’s common to negotiate the price, so it’s important to consider the object’s value and condition before making an offer.

  • Ensure authenticity: When buying antiques, it’s crucial to ensure the authenticity of the object to avoid counterfeits or fraud. You can request a certificate of authenticity or consult with an expert in the field.

  • Take care of the object: If you have purchased an antique, it’s important to care for and preserve it in good condition to maintain its value and beauty.

Buying and selling antiques is a very specific and specialized market where taste plays a crucial role

Remember that buying and selling antiques can be a complex and specialized market, so it’s always advisable to seek advice and consult with experts before making a decision.

Where to acquire antiques in Madrid?

From Nuevas Galerias of Madrid’s Rastro, we recommend you to visit all our antiques specialists in their galleries. More information at


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