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Immensum in Parvo

A terrestrial globe is a meticulous miniature model of the earth, a careful scale copy of the planet we inhabit. To see the whole world as it truly is, we must look at a terrestrial globe; it is the only map that reveals the actual dimensions and shapes of all lands and seas, the true distances, and their geographical relationships.

Immensum in Parvo (the immense in small) is the motto of ancient globe makers, and generally of all reproductions of celestial bodies.

Most modern globes include parallels and meridians, so that a location on the planet’s surface can be located. They are usually mounted on an angle that represents the equinoctial inclination (23.5 degrees), that is, the difference between the earth’s axis and that of the sun, which explains the existence of the different seasons. Most Anglo-Saxon globes also include the analemma, the curve describing the sun observed from the same point and at the same time, for 365 days of the year.

Business description:

Globoterraquea is an antique shop in Madrid specializing in the buying and selling of ancient globes. It has become a reference in Spain in its sector, as for over twenty years it has only worked with original period pieces, not with current globes or reproductions of old ones, certifying in writing their characteristics, dating, and authenticity.

Globoterraquea has become a reference in original period globes.



The company offers a wide range adaptable to all budgets, and provides special prices for professionals. It also offers antique maps, engravings, and related objects. Additionally, Globoterráquea conducts online sales through its website and ships to all countries.


Globoterráquea Opening Hours:

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

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