Grace Kelly Visited the Nuevas Galerías of El Rastro in Madrid

Grace Kelly Visited the Nuevas Galerías of El Rastro in Madrid

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That moment in November 1967 when Princess Grace of Monaco visited various locations in the Nuevas Galerías of El Rastro in Madrid.

The Glamour of 1960s Hollywood in El Rastro, Madrid

One day in November 1967, Princess Grace of Monaco visited different establishments in the New Galleries of El Rastro in Madrid. Today, Verde Gabán is located in this legendary place that was run by ‘Del Rey’ in those autumn days of the sixties. Del Rey became well-known for selling religious sculptures and other antiques.

Known as Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly was an American film actress who won an Oscar and later became the Princess Consort of Monaco as the wife of Prince Rainier III. Grace Kelly’s acting talent was rewarded with an Oscar for her performance in ‘The Country Girl’ (a film in which she fell madly in love with William Holden, whom she almost married) and a previous nomination for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Mogambo.’


Her title as a princess marked the end of her acting career

Although many people believe that Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier while filming “To Catch a Thief,” this is not true. Grace first got close to Rainier at the Cannes Film Festival when she attended the French event to promote ‘The Country Girl.’ The wedding, held on April 19, 1956, marked the end of Grace Kelly’s career as an actress and her transformation into a Monegasque princess.

Nuevas Galerías have always been a center of attention for glamour and artistic avant-garde.

Artists, the curious, tourists, and treasure hunters have always frequented the New Galleries, where more than 30 merchants of unique items await you in a talented and glamorous environment. Nuevas Galerías, along with the Piquer Galleries just opposite, are one of the most interesting and curious corners of El Rastro in Madrid, and a great example of the so-called ‘new Rastro,’ known for its high-end antique shops, collectibles, and design objects.

Following the forced hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new establishments with special services, such as interior design consulting, are reinforcing one of the most important antique markets in Europe.

Regarding the photo of Grace Kelly in the Nuevas Galerías, we thank El Pasado de Madrid for posting such interesting information. The image is from the EFE Agency.

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